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  • “I wouldn't have considered anyone else when recommending a vendor for these products.” – Dr Brian Biesman

  • "... passed the test with flying colors (on the manufacturing of the Universal implant)" –_ Lee Allen

  • I have specialists in my clinic usually ounce a month for my teaching sessions . My clinic always discusses your aesthetic products, as that is all I use for my laser blepharoplasties. I also use your shields in all my ablative and non-ablative laser surgeries. Not only are your Oculo-Plastik external and internal eyeshields outstanding, your service matches your innovative product line"–Dr Kent Remington, Remington Laser Dermatology Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • “Having used the IPL systems for years I was intrigued to see the new OPSlims optical system for the IPL eye protection by Oculo-plastik. This lightweight, very protective eyewear can be fitted with bifocal lenses to accommodate any eye needs. It is comfortable, efficient, and easy to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone who uses the IPL.” –– Richard O Gregory, M.D