Product lines description:

In ophthalmology: Ocular implants for enucleation and evisceration, in acrylic, are permanently smooth-surfaced. Durette and Universal ocular implants with tunnels for ingrowth, New-Allen ocular implants, PMMA and silicone spheres. Conformers, symblepharon rings, Codère-Durette orbital floor implants, socket reconstruction prostheses. Etc.

For laser treatment of the skin: LaserSecure instruments and ocular shields (Cox II & II H with offset handle and Durette II – III & IV external goggles). The Durette III and IV feature movable plastic or metal attachments. OPSoft mouthguard for hair removal with laser, IPL and RF systems. Laser eyewear for the OR. Disposable stick-on eye patches for laser, IPL and LED. 

AESTEK- Not for laser: up to 50 cycles in autoclavable, yellow transparent or black plastic ocular shields, Jaeger and Desmarres. Also Durette plastic goggles (black or white) for PDT and LEDs. New Dubois Twistripper for easier long varicose vein removal.

Ocularists: Tools and supplies to make custom artificial eyes.