Dubois Twistripper.
To facilitate varicose veins removal.


Step 1. Grasp vein with hook.                                           

Step 2 . Encercle vein with Dubois Twistripper.


Step 3. Roll around the vein and slowly push in always rotating and following the vein.                

Step 4. Once adherences are gone, it is easy to pull the liberated varicose vein.


Excellent results with long varicose vein removed.

So simple and so efficient.
– You’ll wonder how you managed without these.


Dubois Twistripper : Varicose Vein Strippers

A1-320 – Dubois Twistripper 200 mm (1 unit)

A1-330 – Dubois Twistripper 300 mm (1 unit)

US$149.- each.