• A great time saver and productivity / quality enhancer.
• Simply re-order your digital pieces (DICP) to refill your collections.

These new digital iris corneal pieces have been tested not to fade from anywhere between 9 and 18 years and more in an accelerated aging unit. They were still not altered after these aging tests. Any new batch of ink will go through same tests before being accepted. They have been used in prostheses since 2016. They have no paper to be exposed in the back, great especially for thinnest prostheses. Ink passed a test to determine the cytotoxicity of extractable substances, I.E. our ink tested as non-toxic in a test with articles simulating an exposed iris/ink in the back. The easy to read product ID code is at the top and is simply filed down when used. Piece code includes iris number, brightness level, printing parameters, month and year of printing (Ex.: 7021-2-A11-18).

Comes in 2 designs: A very thin DICP (front radius 10 and back radius 13) for your thinest prostheses and a regular (thick) DICP (front radius 8 and back radius 22) for your normal sized prostheses for a more normal anterior chamber. Diameter is 13 mm (easily trimmed with a Dremmel and a flat file). Pupils vary and are in the small sizes (easier to displace and make larger). We manage full traceability of each piece with the code on each piece.

Various DICP collections offered. Current collections are with 48, 90 and 126 single pieces, or 36 pairs. Thin or regular style. We also have dark brown collections. Note the white poster putty used to compare with companion eye of the client.
Price is market price.