Pressurized Polymerization Unit.
This sophisticated unit has one advantage. It will start the timer only when the temperature has been reached in the pot. Their disadvantage is that they have a history of break downs and need for repairs.
Up to 4 round flasks will fit, with all-stainless-steel press.
•Polymerization of acrylic for ocular prostheses.
•The unit holds up to 4 round ocular flasks with all-stainless-steel mini-press (not included).
•Temperature to 120°C. •Timer to 60 minutes •Completion alarm •Internal pressure gauge and release valve (hot water drain valve) with safety “pop-off” pressure release.
•Technical data: *Suggested working pressure: 3-4 BAR *110-115 / 1600 Watt. Unit includes plastic containers with hose for draining hot water after curing. User needs to have access to a tank of compressed air from a compressor. Use of distilled water recommended.
•Note: Units made in Germany. Manufacturer’s limited 2-years warranty applies.
Item # 128000 for 2,190 € plus shipping from Montreal.