Disposable Stick-Ons. Made in USA

For various applications:

All Stick-On Eye Shields are easy to
apply, allows access to nose bridge,
brow and temples plus are latex free
and hypoallergenic.

THEIATM Laser Eye Shields
(Also for LED & IPL)

Laser-safe for medical lasers with wave-
lengths between 315 nm-11,000 nm with

an optical density protection level of
Specification: OD 7 from 315 -11,000nm
315 nm – 1,400 nm RI LB 7, D LB 6
1,400 nm – 11,000 nm DI LB 4, R LB 3
Meets damage threshold requirements of EN207 and ANSI Z 136.1 and .7
European Class 1 Medical Device. Registered FDA Class 1 device.TT63 (25 pairs / box)


(For non-laser use only)
Unique layers actually reduce the energy by a
factor of 10,000 while also shielding the bright
lights from patients’ eyes. Certifications:
European Class 1 Medical Device. Meets IPL
ISO std 12609-1:2013-07.
Registered FDA Class 1 device
TT73 (50 pairs / box)