Premium quality autoclavable plastic ocular shields.

Black or transparent yellow not for laser.

Bilateral (Can be used with both eyes)
Sold non sterile. Can be autoclaved.


With suction cup      With handle

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Dimensions EN

Bilateral model with suction cup is ideal for blepharoplasty. Model with bilateral handle can be used in either eye and they are easier to insert and remove. The handle may interfere with certain procedures.
• Up to 50 cycles in the autoclave.
• All shields available in black or transparent yellow.
• The black shield blocks all light and vision. – Our TOP SELLER.
• Yellow allows seeing pupil. Best for general anaesthesia and claustrophobia.
• All shields are available in 4 sizes. Plastic shields packaged as follows:
• One bilateral ocular shield with one suction cup.    Sold as a unit.
• One bilateral ocular shield with handle.                   Sold as a unit.
• Two unilateral (one left and one right) with handle. Sold as a pair.