Cox® II H*, ocular laser shields,

with offset handle.

(Left and right shields)

*US patent #6,123,081


• Like the Cox II, the Cox II H is also vaulted at the cornea, is marked for size and has a safety ring at the edge.

•The posterior surface and the edges are well rounded and polished, i.e. of exceptional quality to avoid hurting the patient and for his/her comfort.

•The Cox II H with offset handle facilitates insertion and removal. The handle is near the lower lid to allow closure without the upper lid pressing on the handle and causing rotation or displacement of the shield, minimizing risk of corneal irritation or exposure of the globe.

•Cox II H, left & right (x-s, s, m, l)

Now in four sizes, left and right:

21-261H L or R, x-small 22 x 19.5mm 21-262H L or R, small 24 x 21mm 21-264H L or R, medium 25.5 x 23mm 21-266H L or R, large 27 x 24mm