Durette® III external ocular laser shields

With movable plastic nasal and temporals


Complete exposure of the glabella, nose, and crow’s-feet.

•Both the nasal and temporal pieces can be moved away from area to be treated, without affecting proper shields’ position.
•Metal cups (regular or small) with clear plastic attachments.
•Choice of using temporal pieces or hook for direct attachment of the elastic.

(*US Patent #7,188,625), also patented in Canada & other countries. Other international patents pending.)


Ball and socket design.

21-445, regular or 21-442, small.
Durette® III external laser shields, all stainless steel, with mobile clear plastic attachments. Includes 1 assembled pair external shields and extras. Total parts comprise 2 metal cups, 4 nasal and 4 temporal plastic attachments, 2 elastic headbands and the black case.
Replacement clear plastic parts (not autoclavable).
21-440 Replacement plastic attachments, 4 nasals and 4 temporals.
21-440N Replacement plastic attachments, 10 nasals.
21-440T Replacement plastic attachments, 10 temporals.
21-536 Spare black elastic headbands with cord lock (5)
21-537 Spare white elastic headbands with cord lock (5)