Durette® II external* ocular laser shields in metal.


For skin resurfacing, hair removal, ablative and nonablative treatments or IPL, Etc. The nonreflective surfaces of stainless steel disperse laser and other sources of energy.

Durette® II externals

•1mm all-stainless-steel, simple, strong and practical design.
•They completely block direct light. The patient will feel safer.
•Adjustable headband means comfort for the patient.
•When treating crow’s-feet, the elastic can be moved up or down.
•They do not pressure the globe. The patient can open eyes to position external shields.
•Easily cleaned surfaces. Can be cleaned with alcohol.
•Replaceable headbands.


21-334(small), 21-335(regular), Durette® II external laser shields. Includes 1 pair external laser shields, 2 elastic headbands and the black case.
21-536 Spare black elastic headbands (5)
21-537 Spare white elastic headbands (5)

Durette II small and regular
Treated inside to diffuse laser light