Cox® II ocular laser shields with suction cup.


To protect the patient and personnel from the laser and IPL, Oculo-Plastik offers a wide variety of stainless steel laser shields and instruments. Their non-reflective surfaces disperse laser and other sources of energy. Autoclavable, these are durable, low maintenance instruments.

The most popular, is the COX II ocular laser shield.

•Designed to conform to the globe, with a vault over the cornea. The posterior surface and the rounded edges are highly polished to assure patient’s comfort and safety during wearing time as well as during insertion and removal.
•With no bulky and heavy handle, each shield includes a suction cup, for easy insertion and removal. The Cox II, with suction cup, is ideal for blepharoplasty.
•These elongated shields have an improved non-reflective front, which offers, the personnel even more protection from the laser.
•Cox II® is 1mm thick; double the thickness of the original Cox®.

coxIIedges-J-web CoxIIring2gris-J-webcox-II-web2

Quality=Safety                With safety ring

In four sizes:

21-261 x-small, 22 x 19.5mm

21-262 small, 24 x 21mm

21-264 med., 25.5 x 23mm

21-266 large, 27 x 24mm