Sutcliffe Flat & Bent shield & retracting instrument

With nonreflective surface to protect from the LASER

Stainless steel instruments for retracting tissue, for shielding lashes,brows, lips, teeth, lobes, tissue, etc.


Shield upper eyelashes     Shield lower eyelashes       Shield eyebrows

The SUTCLIFFE shields, with all surfaces nonreflective for safe use with the laser, come in many configurations for various applications. The same basic piece is available modified in design to shield different parts of the body. You can shield eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, freckles, lips, gums, teeth, etc. and any tissue (deep or superficial) needing protection. Useful during skin resurfacing, incisional procedures, skin depigmentation, etc. In surgery, they can serve as an instrument for retracting tissue and as a backstop. You will discover many uses for it. The bent model is easier to pick up when gloved.


21-275 Sutcliffe laser shield (flat).


21-276 Sutcliffe laser shield (bent).