Acrylic Polymer (PMMA)

Clear, scleral white (internaly pigmented) and caruncle pink (internaly pigmented). Especially for your thin prostheses, our internally pigmented scleral white will be your best alternative due to its opacity. It is a plus for thin prostheses since the globe is less apparent behind the prosthesis. In 1 liter containers or in 4 liter containers. NOTE: 1 liter equals 1.5 lbs. Clear: Item #5100, 1 liter at US$50.- per lbs, 4 liter at US$46/lbs. IP white sclera: Item #5110 and pink: Item #5120, 1 liter at US$55.- per lbs, 4 liter at US$50/lbs.

MMA Monomer

We ship 5 gallons containers of Eshchem monomer by transport to North American customers. Shipping charges will depend on customer location. FOB Essington, PA, USA. Call for pricing.
Item #5095.